First Naval Skirmish of the American Revolution

Example British Sloop of War

Example British Sloop of War

This week, I had my first article posted over at Journal of the American Revolution, discussing what is perhaps the very first naval skirmish of the American Revolution. It begins:

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1775–Mine vs. ‘His’ (Review of Kevin Phillips’s 1775)

Kevin Phillips's "1775: A Good Year for a Revolution" vs. Derek Beck's forthcoming "1775"

I’ve been working on my 1775 manuscript for several years now, the last two focused on getting my completed manuscript published. So, as noted in my previously post, when I first learned of the similarly titled 1775: A Good Year for a Revolution by Kevin Phillips, released in late 2012, my heart skipped a beat. (read more)

1775–Mine vs. ‘His’

Kevin Phillips's "1775" book

Hello all, sorry for the long silence. I’ve been busy with many things, including the holidays, and activation as a military Reservist, where I am now once again on active duty, presently in Texas for the next 7 months. Afterwards, I’ll return to “normalcy” in Los Angeles.

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An Apple a Day Keeps Joseph Warren II Away

Warren (Roxbury) Russet Hard Cider and Warren Rusett Apple Pie

In my sequel to last year’s post about this time: An Apple a Day Keeps Dr. Joseph Warren Away, I have again this year received several apples of the Warren Russet (or Roxbury Russet) variety, an apple hybrid first cultivated in Roxbury Massachusetts by Joesph Warren II, father of the Boston revolutionary Dr. Joseph Warren (read more)

Knox’s Oxen at Ft. Ticonderoga (Addendum) (Myths of the Revolution)

Noble Train of Artillery (close up of Ft. Ticonderoga)

In my previous two-part series (which began here), I described how it is a myth that Col. Henry Knox dragged by oxen his Noble Train of Artillery from Ft. Ticonderoga in upstate New York to the American siege lines outside Boston. It turns out, Knox primarily used horses, not oxen. This false information that was (read more)