The War Before Independence: Errata

Whenever tackling a large research project, with multiple editors involved, errors, both in fact and formatting, are bound to happen. Here are the errata I know about.

The War Before Independence: 1775–1776 Errata (Hardcover and eBook only, corrected for the Paperback):

  • p. 160 should read: “The disheveled colonial troops peeked out from their diverse tents to look up at this gentleman stranger… Whispers spread through the encampment as this gentleman rode his horse…” (“gentleman” not “gentlemen” in two places)
  • p. 260 should read: “Lord Percy, officially a colonel with the brevet rank of brigadier in America only…” (“America” not “American”)
  • p. 316 should read: “Howe made his way back to Province House…” (one to many “to“s)
  • p. 327 should read: “In fact, in March of that year, Benjamin Franklin had written Lord Chatham…” (“written” not “wrote”)
  • p. 327–328 should read: “Gen. William Howe… at the head of a massive invasion force…” (missing “a”)

Found another error? Please let me know here.





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