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My Debut Article in a National Magazine (on Dr. Warren)

As a follow up to my Death of Dr. Joseph Warren blog series (part 1 of 4 here) is my new article in the national magazine Patriots of the American Revolution (Nov/Dec issue). This is my first ever magazine article, and is a feature article no less! The article is entitled Martyr of the Revolution: Dr. Joseph Warren and serves as a concise biography of Dr. Joseph Warren, and includes several high-quality images of paintings and engravings of the important doctor-turned-revolutionary.

Copies of the bi-monthly magazine can be found at many Barnes & Noble stores. But better yet, you can buy it online, and save a buck over bookstore prices. It is just $5.00, including shipping, if you order it at the magazine publisher’s website. And for those to prefer it digitally, the magazine is also available on the Android market for your smart phone.

Thank you for your continued support as I and my agent try to find 1775 a publisher!

'Patriots of the American Revolution' magazine - Nov/Dec issue

‘Patriots of the American Revolution’ magazine — Nov/Dec issue

Buy it now online!
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