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Media Appearances

This is a historic list of previous media appearances and interviews, with links where applicable to find it on line. The order is reverse chronological (newest on top).

Looking for reviews of the books? See them for Igniting the American Revolution (Book 1) and The War Before Independence (Book 2).CSPAN3 Screenshot

Television and Video:

Radio Interviews:

WBZ Radio InterviewNewspaper and Print Interviews:

  • Ralph Peluso, literary editor for Zebra Press, Alexandria, VA (phone interview for newsprint on June 27, 2016) (Book 2) — Read here
  • Seth Daniel of the Charlestown Patriot Bridge, Charlestown, MA (phone interview for newsprint on June 3, 2016) (Book 1, 2) — Read here
  • Blake Maddux, who reviews history books for a number of Boston-area publications (phone interview for newsprint on June 2, 2016) (Book 1, 2)
  • Christopher N. Malagisi, editor in chief, Conservative Book Club (written interview for web on May 2, 2016) (Book 1) — Published here

Live Talks:

 Derek’s Book

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